Franchise Setup


Franchising is an evolving business model to expand beyond borders with the proven expertise of a brand developer (Franchisor) & the entrepreneurial spirit of the Investor (Franchisee).

In the Franchising domain – Our core strategy is to be Gulf-specific (Consulting Global Opportunities for Gulf Sustenance): Facilitating Businesses & Opportunities globally in gaining Gulf foothold, Integrating with the local culture, leveraging the market led opportunities & Showcase the roadmap, our Connect to geographical evolve in the gulf.

Own a Franchise
Investor Allocation
Existing Business

Franchise Existing Business

  • Consult the business in gaining insight of Management Outlook & Strategy
  • Analyze the Brand Equity & Market dynamics to evaluate growth factors
  • Evaluate the Franchiseability of existing business operations
  • Integrate Business functions by enhancing its core competence
  • Develop a lean Franchise structure preferably through multi formats
  • Identify potential franchisees & chalk a geographical expansion plan
  • Collaborate & Promote exclusively for Gulf expansion
  • Execute & synergize Brand consistency among the franchise network sustainable ventures

Investor Allocation

  • Offer a platform for International brands to represent in Gulf region
  • Promote Franchise brands across sections of Gulf media, events & franchise sportal
  • Consult brands in synchronizing ways to connect locally, integrating with local culture, consumption pattern, emerging trends & Expert opinion of favorable zones of influence
  • Exclusive Partnership for Franchise development in Gulf region
  • Connect Investor outlook complementing with Brand Essence to create self
  • Facilitate the project legalities & formats until project execution

Own a Franchise

  • Understand the Individual motive & Outlook in owning a franchise
  • Evaluate Risk Appetite, financial competence & offer synergistic solutions
  • Showcase opportunities – sector & region wise for an optimal investment
  • Suggest options complementing business potential & Individual priorities

Why CLI?

  • Direct from the sponsor
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Competitive pricing
  • Extensive market knowledge
  • One stop shop for all company formations
  • Multilingual & corporate staff
  • Affiliates to government departments

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